Can’t Wait to Visit WFMU

Stag has been getting some airplay on WFMU, a killer station in New Jersey. We’re actually going to be out there this week, so we’ll be swinging by to chat with Evan “Funk” Davies. He’s been kind enough to spin our track the past couple of weeks, and we love the chatter that’s been happening on their live chat page.

Here’s last week (click to zoom):

If that isn’t great enough, we inspired all sorts of punning around crafting the week before! (click to zoom)

If you want to listen in, we’ll be on at around 11PM eastern time, 8PM pacific. You can find the live stream (and of course you should always listen to Evan’s show) at

R&R Circus #5 – Fifths of Fury – Review

Photo of Stag at the fifth Rock n' Roll Circus
Too many fifths, by the look of it.

Hey, our friends at “There’s Something Hard in There” reviewed the show. Not only are there some really nice photos, but Andy also posted a Q&A that he had with Ben about how the whole “Rock n’ Roll Circus” thing came about.

It’s a good read – and it’s a good site! Click the photo or here to be taken to their site.

STG Rocks

Howdy, STG email readers –

If you’re looking at this page, you must have clicked a link in the STG email. Thanks for checking out our music! You can play the song using the player below, and/or use the download link to grab a copy.


We’ve been so busy getting ready for South By Southwest that we haven’t had time to make our new web site look pretty, but will be taking care of that soon. If you like what you hear, and you’d like to stay in touch, please leave a comment. You’ll have to create an account to comment, but that keeps the spam bots at bay. If you don’t want us to email you, that’s fine, we’ll behave. We promise.

Also, we’ve got a lot of activity coming up in the next couple of months. Come join the fun.


March 18 – Rock & Roll Circus South @ Zax Patio – Austin Texas – 3:45 -4:15 pm
March 19 – New Grenada Records Day Party – Ghost Room – Austin TX – 3- 3:30 pm

April 16 – Rock and Roll Circus w/ Sgt Mjr III, Tom Price Desert Classic and more – Darrell’s Tavern
April 27 – w/ Mike Watt – Triple Door- Seattle- 7:00pm
May 7 – KEXP Audioasis Show – Sunset Tavern
May 20 – Keith Bartoloni Benefit w/the Cops, Black Panties & more – Tractor Tavern