Powerpopaholic Review

Powerpopaholic just posted a great review of the new Stag LP. Check it out!

Stag “Stag”
After an impressive EP last year, Seattle’s Stag presents its new self-titled LP chock full of pretty pop melodies and big hook filled guitar riffs. Similar to Cheap Trick, Big Star, Redd Kross and Guided By Voices it blasts off with “These Times,” a strong anthem for you to get up and take action.

For those who worked in record stores ”Love Her Records” is a great tribute with its Big Star riff. “Don’t Lead With Your Heart” is another melodic gem about another heartbreak, and overall there are no real duds here, although the slower tunes don’t resonate as much. Other standouts include: “Tiffany Rose,” Ides of March” with a cool horn flourish, and my favorite here -”Don’t Call Me” with its classic power pop rhythm.


R.A.D. Vinyl Blog

“Fin Records is still in it’s infancy as a label with only a few releases under their belts but they continue to offer up some of the best packaged records. The light purple vinyl is gorgeous and looks great as you pull it out of the hot pink sleeve. Stag is power-pop high energy Rock n’ Roll through and through. They go for catchy hooks and a tight crisp sound that is in large part thanks to the great production by Jack Endino (Nirvana) straight to 2” tape. The pressing is limited to 500 hand numbered copies.”