For You Tube…

We put our EP’s and new single up on YouTube for your enjoyment. You can order our new vinyl 7″ right now at We got a bunch of cool shows coming up this fall including:

Aug 31st – w/ Marcy Playground- Tractor Tavern

Sept 24th- w/ Daniel G. Harman & the Trouble Starts, Western Haunts, In Cahoots- The Comet

Oct 22- City Arts Festival – Capsula, Whalebones – The Comet

See you soon…

3 Replies to “For You Tube…”

  1. Dear Stag: I dig your two new songs. I am not cool enough to own a record player. However, as a resident of the 21st century, I do have several gizmos that play digital audio files. I am even writing you this note on one right now! Can you point me towards a place on the interwebs where I can please give you money for your music in a format that I can use? Thank KEXP for introducing me to your music, btw.

    1. Dear Kramez – uh – if you buy the single, I _believe_ Fin is kind enough to include a download code, or some sort of access to digital versions. You’ll have to check with them – this is our first release with a proper record company, so I’m a little out of the loop.

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