Dig Me Out – Podcast


I recently did an interview for the 90’s music podcast Dig Me Out about my old band Alcohol Funnycar, our final album Weasels and a little bit about Stag. You can check out the podcast and a full length interview with me here.

Artful Dodger

I got to see Artful Dodger once at the gym at Cleveland State University when I was in Jr. high school in 1980. I did not know much about them. I heard a song or two on WMMS but I did not totally get it until I saw them play. AD was practically a Cleveland band at that point. From what I understand it was one of only markets the did well in back then. They killed it live. I bought this album and have loved it ever since. I really want to cover “Get In Line”. It’s always a total “go to track” for me whenever I DJ. Long out of print, it would be nice to see this record up on iTunes. There are tons of tracks from it on YouTube. Dig in!

Play On

I’ve been on a serious Raspberries kick lately and this song has been a major “ear worm” for weeks. Musically the band was amazing but there are a few songs that lyrically feel a bit creepy these days. Let’s just say I feel the immediate need to contact the authorities any time someone starts talking about a girl being “too young to know about romance” but they still need to “take a chance” like Eric Carmen sings in “Tonight”. Let’s just hope Carmen was singing from the perspective of a 15 year-old boy and not a 25 year-old man.